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We're so glad you stopped by to check us out!

We're a bunch of normal people, who love God, love Each Other, and love our City.

We believe that life is too short for empty church attendance because that's what we're "supposed to do". We want to do life together, enjoy the journey & make a difference in Centurion and beyond. Lets face it, you got to have a pretty good reason to get out of bed and out the house on a Sunday morning! Life has got to be about more than just fighting the traffic daily and (hopefully) paying the bills. We believe we have just that - we want to live lives that count, with people who matter to us, serving a God who loves us.

Feel free to have a look around this site, and contact us if you have any questions or need more info, we'd love to hear form you! You can also keep current with us on twitter & facebook - just click on the buttons above.

If you're still unsure about God, just checking Christianity out, or looking for a band of friends to serve Jesus with, feel free to visit some of our meetings.

We look forward to meeting you!


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